weekend recap.

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Hello! How was your weekend? Mine was lovely...a good mix of both relaxing and productive. The best combination!

I woke up to this on my nightstand Saturday morning...

Coffee in bed! Evan and Reyna got up early and took a trip to Dunkin together (Reyna LOVES going on car rides!). This may be the best way to wake up...ever? Mmm, I just love DD.

Later Saturday morning, I had a Chi Omega alumnae event at Fly | a fitness revolution in downtown Lincoln.

We had a private barre class for just Chi Omegas, and it was so much fun! A perfect way to celebrate Galentine's Day (check out those coordinated outfits!). I mean, I was dying about five minutes into it...it was tough. But goodness, what a good workout. My shoulders are still sore this morning!

Evan and I finally worked on the spare bedroom at our house in Lincoln. We found a fun quilt and decorative pillows at Target. Now we just need curtains of some sort...then this bedroom will be ready for the listing!

We painted the upstairs living room on Sunday (the first coat) and hope to finish it tonight. I cannot wait to share pictures of it. We picked a very light, airy blueish/gray...it's so pretty. Anything beats the previous drab tan! We are almost done with projects and are getting excited to list our house in March! Want to buy it? :)

Sunday night we made a Thai curry and homemade naan from Cook's Illustrated. Holy deliciousness. We paired it with a petit sirah from Buena Vista, and I was in heaven.

Even after last night's indulgent meal, I cranked out a great three miles on the treadmill this morning at the gym. Perhaps it was all the carbs from the naan!


  1. Naan might be my favorite carb ever, haha. That fitness class sounds fun! Nothing better than a workout with friends :)


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