spring supper.

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I've mentioned before that on Sunday evenings Evan and I cook very delicious meals courtesy of Cook's Illustrated. Signing up for an online subscription was the best decision ever! Every recipe we've made has been stellar -- like beyond delicious.

This past Sunday we made a very spring-like dinner: salmon, asparagus, brown rice with lemon and fresh herbs. Plus we paired it all with a buttery Chardonnay from Buena Vista Winery. Everything about the meal reminded me of spring and warmer weather!

The salmon was poached in a wine/water mixture, and rested on top of lemon slices, herb stems, and shallots. Oh my goodness!

We belong to Buena Vista's wine club. BV is our absolute favorite winery in Sonoma and while we miss being able to head there on the weekends (oh, California, you're so great), receiving monthly wine shipments helps a little bit. :)

Here are the links to the recipes (which you'll only be able to access with a subscription - just FYI)...

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