Tone It Up 8-Week Challenge

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Hello and Happy 2016! While I cannot believe a new year is upon us, I absolutely love the excitement it brings. It's a time of renewal and reflection, which I truly enjoy.

I feel like I want to focus on my health and well-being each new year, and this year is no different. In 2015, I ran my first half marathon, and I'm excited to say that I signed up for second one! I also signed up for the Tone It Up 8-Week Challenge, which started yesterday. I have followed the Tone It Up gals for a while now, but my sister convinced me I should try it out. I'm two days in, and my body is sore. That's a good thing, right? Right!

I'm not strictly following the TIU nutrition plan but am focusing on the Lean Clean'N Green mindset. I'm definitely trying to steer clear of processed foods (like candy, my #1 nemesis!), so that's a top priority. I also got a Ninja blender for Christmas from my parents, so green smoothies are back in my life. Yay!

Hope your new year is off to a great start!

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  1. Ohhh yay!!! I'm doing the challenge too!! I'm not following the specific meal plan either but like you, I'm trying to focus on mostly clean eating! (But obviously life is too short to give up treats entirely!)


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