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Can you even believe it's the middle of December? Like, how? The holidays are in full force, and I'm eating candy, cookies, and other sugary treats like it's my job. 

But you know what? The holidays are a time for indulging, so no complaints! I will say that I try to keep a somewhat balanced approach to eating this time of year by focusing on healthy meals, so that I may still enjoy treats and snacks throughout my day.

One new healthy thing I've tried recently is powdered peanut butter from Naked Nutrition. Have you ever tried it? I've seen bloggers RAVE about it but had never purchased it. The kind folks at Naked Nutrition reached out, and I am so excited about this fun new-to-me food! Naked Nutrition also has protein powders (some are vegan!) and creatine.

I first tried it by mixing it into my chocolate protein shake after lifting at the gym. Chocolate and peanut butter? Um, hello! So so good! You know how some people try to convince you that a piece of fruit is a delicious dessert? I swear I'm not fooling you. It legit tastes like a Reese's peanut butter cup! I want to try making some healthy energy bites -- you know the kind with oats, chia seeds, etc.? That's my goal for this weekend!

Have any fun recipes using powdered peanut butter? Please send them my way!
Thanks again to Naked Nutrition! 

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