friday finds [nov. 13]

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Happy Friday, folks! I haven't done a Friday Finds post in a while and am excited to share some things I am absolutely loving. Whatever you find yourself doing this weekend, I hope you enjoy it.

Stuff You Should Know Podcast
// How Stuff Works // Evan and I first listened to a Stuff You Should Know podcast a few weeks ago, and now I am hooked! Josh and Chuck, the hosts, choose a random topic for each podcast and examine it to its fullest. My favorite one so far is "How Willpower Works" -- it's so interesting! They cover everything from maggots, to droughts, to sugar, to police dogs, to hot air balloons...seriously, everything. I'm always so enlightened and take away so many new facts. Check it out!

Master of None
// Netflix // NEW FAVORITE SHOW. Well, Parks and Rec will always be my absolute favorite show (perhaps I just really, really like Aziz Ansari!). Master of None is hilarious though. It's smart, real comedy, and I just cannot get enough.

31 Hilarious Tweets About Eating Healthy That Will Get You Every Time
// Buzzfeed // Ok, it's no secret I love Buzzfeed but goodness, this one had me laughing out loud. I cannot even pick a favorite because seriously...they are all just too good. "Thanks for bringing that quinoa salad to the office potluck. Everyone hates you." :)

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