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Here's what I've learned since the semester started back in August: life is crazy right now. I'm only taking two classes (finance and statistics: ugh) but I started volunteering twice a week with an amazing organization on top of my regular graduate assistantship. Plus the fall always seems so hectic anyway, but you know what? Life is good.

I just haven't had time to binge-watch Netflix blog as much as I would like, but I'm hoping to slowly bring it back into my routine. I'll start with the post random post of all time, so this should be fun!

1. I started lifting weights. Like, real strength training. Like, in a gym. It's actually fun! And dare I say I like it more than cardio?! My routine now is lifting 3x/week and running 3x/week (alternate days Monday-Saturday). It calls for early mornings, but I'm hoping I can stick with it.

2. CHRISTMAS! It's coming. Sunday is November 1st, which in my world means Christmas music! I also created my spreadsheet of gifts, so I can start thinking of ideas and tracking my gift giving. I love this time of year.

3. We bought a new house! Woohoo! I have so so so so so much I want to share, and I will. Evan and I actually plan to blog about our adventures in renovating (it was built in 1938!). More details on that later!

4. Reyna is still the sweetest dog EVER. If you follow me on Instagram and Twitter, you already know this. I just love her so much! Also, she'll be rocking her penguin costume for Halloween -- and she's super stoked about it.

5. The special at Honest Abe's this week is The Champ: cajun coleslaw, blue cheese mayo, and roasted red peppers. We plan to go for a long run Saturday morning, then treat ourselves to Honest Abe's that afternoon. I'll be ordering the veggie burger because...cancer. Just kidding! But really, I will order the veggie burger. A few weeks ago, Evan and I talked about incorporating more veggie meals into our diets, though we rarely eat processed meat and red meat anyway. I will never say no to bacon - duh! - don't get me wrong. Just something to think about, friends!

6. And last but certainly not least: Trader Joe's now sells boxed wine. One box is equal to 3 liters (4 bottles). It's kind of amazing. That is all.

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  1. Yay for veggie burgers!!! haha :) I hope your classes are going well! Both of those sound hard, haha


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