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Good morning! I'm currently chugging coffee because...Wednesday. What is it about this day that always has me dragging to get through? Le sigh.

Anyway, I have some completely random and totally unimportant updates to share! I'm thinking this will be a new series on the blog. Unimportant Updates! I really just like the alliteration.

An obligatory photo of my sweet pup, Reyna!

Here we go!

1. Protein Powder. Evan and I started Insanity Max:30 last Monday, and it's kicking our butts. It's a Monday - Friday workout routine, and it's only thirty minutes each day. Totally doable but also totally tough. We do the workouts in our garage at 6:00 AM, then we both chug a protein shake. I'm using the Optimum Nutrition 100% Whey Gold Standard protein powder in Double Rich Chocolate. I simply add one scoop to eight oz. of water in a blender bottle. It has 24 grams of protein in one scoop and only one gram of sugar. Yay for protein! (I usually don't get enough of it, so this has been helping!)

2. Home Projects. We are remodeling the bathroom in our basement, so that's super exciting. Last Saturday we spent close to three hours in Home Depot. It wasn't completely horrible, so I guess that means I'm an adult. At one point, we were chasing each other up and down the aisles (like, running around super fast) trying to play hide-and-seek. We were waiting for an employee to get down a vanity for us, so clearly that's how we chose to spend our time. Maybe we aren't really adults.

3. Back to School. Ok, so I still have just under two weeks before classes start, but that will be here in no time. I took one online course this summer, which should help with the transition back to school. Honestly, I am kind of excited to start back up...because that means May 2016 is almost here! Then I'll be done with school foreverrrrrr. Woot.

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  1. My husband and I went to Lowe's with my parents on Sunday because my dad was helping us pick out new trim and we were there for over two hours! I can't ever get enough!...and I, usually, end up leaving there with 5,000 new ideas for home projects!


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