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My August Glam Bag from Ipsy arrived last week, and it's another great one! I always love seeing that metallic pink bubble mailer in my mailbox. Brightens my day!

ALSO! As of today (8/17/15) there is NO WAITLIST to sign up for Ipsy. Here's my referral link (which I'll get Ipsy points if you sign up via my link). Now is your chance to try it! $10/month; cancel whenever.

Initial reaction re: the August Glam Bag: LOVE (as in love!) the products, feeling meh about the bag. It's a plastic-y material, but I like the houndstooth print. It just doesn't seem as high quality as some bags from previous months. It for sure beats the bag from August 2014 though, which went straight into the trash. #truestory

La Fresh Group, Eco-Beauty Good Night. Night Cream // I received the day cream from La Fresh Group/Eco-Beauty a few months ago, and I really liked it. This is the night version (obviously), and I've already tried it. It's super absorbing, non-oily, and doesn't have an overpowering scent. I like the packaging because it's great for travel.

Glamour Dolls Eyeshadow in Sorcery // I absolutely love getting eyeshadow in my Glam Bags. When I do receive eyeshadow, it's usually a bronze/gold/tan/neutral color (which are MY colors, folks). The Glamour Dolls eyeshadow is really great. Super pigmented and long-lasting. I've worn it numerous times already and am impressed.

Hikari Cosmetics Lip Gloss in Salsa // I absolutely love this color! Here's the deal though, I haven't been able to try it. The inside cap that helps remove excess lip gloss from the brush when the brush is removed got stuck in the lid. When I twist off the cap/brush, the entire wand is loaded with lip gloss. It's a mess, really. Evan thinks he'll be able to fix it -- fingers crossed because it looks like a gorgeous color and great formula.

Beauty Without Cruelty Leave In Conditioner // I'm looking forward to trying this soon! I haven't tried it yet because I've been pulling my hair back into a ponytail on the regular (oh hi, early morning workouts, humidity, and just plain laziness). I want to initially try this when I plan to dry/straighten my hair to get a better idea of how it works. I shall report back!

OFRA Cosmetics Lip Liner in Wine // Here's an honest statement: I have no idea how to use lip liner. Like, I get that you're supposed line your lips with it...but...I'm so confused. This is a really pretty color that would be great for fall. I just need to figure out what I'm doing. Send help.

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  1. Wow that looks like a good haul of stuff! I've never tried Ipsy but I might have to check it out :)


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