weekend wrap-up.

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Happy Monday! Evan and I had a great weekend filled with family, friends, and a few home projects. It was a good mix of being productive + being lazy. That's the best kind of weekend, in my opinion!


A dear friend and her husband were in town this weekend, so we met up with them + two other friends for a night out in Lincoln. We started at Zipline, which was wonderful! I've had their beer before, but this was the first time visiting their taproom. I absolutely loved it and will be back for sure!

After Zipline, we had dinner at Sebastian's Table. This is definitely one of my favorite restaurants in Lincoln! It's all tapas...and everything is AMAZING. The Brussels sprouts? Oh my goodness. After dinner, we made our way to Ivanna Cone for a sweet treat. I had an interesting mix of flavors: salty sweet corn + blue raspberry bubble gummy. One sophisticated, one trashy -- because those obnoxious flavors always pique my interest. I just can't help it! Both were insanely delicious.


We floated down the Elkhorn River for SIX hours on Saturday with Evan's sisters + their significant others. It was a hot day, so the river water felt wonderful! We went through Tubing & Adventures, and I highly recommend it.


We slept in on Sunday morning (until about 8:45am, which is sleeping in for us!) and then made toasted coconut blueberry pancakes for breakfast. There was a heat advisory in the afternoon, so we got out for a walk with Reyna in the morning before it got too hot! After a few home projects + grocery shopping, we settled in for the evening with a delicious dinner and a documentary.

We had tomatoes + mozzarella topped with fresh basil and balsamic vinegar. So easy, so summer, so delicious! We started a Sunday night tradition and now watch weekly documentaries. Last night we watched Tiny: A Story About Living Small. It was all about the tiny house movement -- super tiny houses (100 sq. ft.). It was very inspiring, and now I feel the need to simplify my life. Like, I want to get rid of everything!

Exercise Log
(I'm going to start sharing my weekly workouts for my own benefit. I hope this will keep me accountable for sticking with a routine!)

M: The Shred, Level 1
T: 3-Mile Run
W: Yoga Meltdown, Level 1
Th: 3-Mile Run
F: The Shred, Level 1
Sa: Rest
Su: 1.5-mile walk with Evan & Reyna :)

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