friday finds 7/10

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Hello and Happy Friday!

Work weeks can be tough after long, holiday weekends but mine went by fast. I was super productive at work, and I also finished a 5-week online course this week. Three more credits down in my quest for my master's degree!

I'm super excited to share another Friday Finds post; these are some of my favorite ones to write. I have some great finds this week -- check 'em out below. Have a great weekend!

FRIENDS. If you have not used Canva, you are missing out! It's an online design tool that is extremely easy to use. Think Adobe Illustrator and InDesign -- then think EASY AND SIMPLE. My sister first told me about Canva months ago, and I've recently become obsessed. This new blog design? Yep, made all the elements in Canva. It's free (although there are some elements that might cost $1 to add to a design). They have some templates you can use, such as the correct dimensions for facebook posts or twitter cover photos. You can also make designs using your own customized dimensions. The possibilities are endless!

Whine About It
// Buzzfeed // My friend, Kyra, shared this with me last week, and I am officially obsessed. Y'all know I love wine, and I also love snarky this is so, so, so great. I love all the videos, but my top favorites include TYPES OF BROS THAT ARE THE ABSOLUTE WORST, REASONS WHY PARTIES ARE THE WORST, and TYPES OF FRIENDS THAT ARE THE WORST. Too funny!

Chocolate Peanut Butter Banana Yogurt Pops
// Recipe Runner // So I've been on an unofficial, informal sugar detox. I watched Fed Up a few weeks ago, and it was kind of life-changing (more on that later). In my quest to steer clear of insane amounts of sugar, I've been looking for healthier alternatives. I made these yogurt pops the other day to enjoy, and they are really good! The bananas I used were a bit overripe, so the batch I made has a very intense banana flavor...but still good!

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