my first half marathon.

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And certainly not my last!

This was at mile 12. JUST KIDDING.
This was taken about five blocks after the start, which is why I look like I'm having a total blast. :)
Major thanks to my sister-in-law, Kira, for snapping this pic!
Also, my husband is too cute.

On Sunday, I ran the Lincoln National Guard Half Marathon and had an absolute blast! The Lincoln community was out in full force -- so many people made signs and cheered on the 12,500 runners. It was such a cool atmosphere, and I absolutely loved it.

Training for the half made realize that I actually do enjoy running. I want to continue running because getting back into it is so tough. I think back to February when I started running 2-3 miles and would get side aches immediately. Not fun. Now 2-3 miles seems like nothing, and that's a really good feeling!

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