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I bought these fun spring shades at Ulta a couple weeks ago. They were buy one/get one free!
I painted my nails with the mint green color first and love it! PS - Ulta brand nail polish is AMAZING. Long-lasting and great coverage (plus super cheap!).

April has been a crazy month, hence the lack of blog posts! I had so many papers, group projects, and presentations due, but I am so close to being done with my first year of graduate school! I have to give a group presentation on Tuesday and turn in one final reflection paper, and then I am done. Woohoo!

April also proved to be busy for a few home projects. Evan and I painted our basement living room and planted the start of our garden! We're going to finish painting the basement bedroom within the next week because carpet will be installed shortly! I've been taking pictures of the progress, so I promise to start house renovation posts soon. :)

Long weekend runs also filled my calendar in April. I am now officially in taper-mode for the half marathon! I ran 12 miles on Saturday and actually felt pretty great, so I'm hoping I can feel the same way on Sunday for my first half. It was obviously cold when I started my training in February, but I've really lucked out with the weather over the past six weeks. Spring is here, so that has been great motivation for running!

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