WIAW: back at it!

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Hello! I am so excited to be linking up to What I Ate Wednesday today! I used to participate in WIAW years ago when Evan and I lived in Palo Alto but for one reason or another, it slowly disappeared from my blog posts.

You can learn about WIAW here.

Here we go!


Granola + coffee. Surprise, surprise. I started getting back into a granola routine at the start of 2015. Make this recipe ASAP. It's full of good things like oat bran, wheat germ, ground flaxseed, nuts, seeds and unsweetened coconut. I top it with some sort of berry, usually blueberries because they tend to be the cheapest at Trader Joe's. I found juicy strawberries though on Sunday -- perhaps spring is actually here?! I also add a scoop of chia seeds and raw shelled hemp hearts to my granola. I absolutely love starting the day on a healthy note, and this breakfast keeps me satisfied until lunch.


Like I mentioned on Monday, I've been drinking green smoothies for lunch on a regular basis. My go-to smoothie:

- Milk or coconut water
- Greek yogurt
- Baby spinach
- Frozen banana slices
- Frozen berries

I make my smoothies in a blender in the morning, transfer it to a blender bottle and then keep it in the fridge at work until lunch. I use at least 3/4 cup of Greek yogurt, so the smoothie packs a big protein punch.


I have class until 7:00p twice a week, which means I don't get home until around 7:15-7:30p. I have to snack on a few things during the afternoon and early evening, so I don't get completely hangry (angry + hungry). I've been loving boiled eggs, usually medium boiled (I usually eat the egg at lunch with my smoothie). I also snack on the monterey jack cheese sticks from Trader Joe's, as well as some sort of veggies. The carrot + cucumber combo has been one of my favorites as of late.


I absolutely love soup. I like to make a big batch on Sunday evenings to last me for dinner throughout the week. After getting home from work and class, I rarely want to start cooking. With soup, I can just pour a serving into a bowl, microwave, top with cheese (duh) and eat! Not pictured: tortilla chips on the side.

It's simple, healthy and always delicious. I made a fiesta black bean soup (above) this week -- recipe coming soon!


I always crave something sweet + salty at night. I almost always have Trader Joe's single-serving microwave popcorn...so good! Usually paired with chocolate or another fun candy from TJ's.

However, last night I had a fun get-together with other Chi Omega alumnae. There was leftover dessert pizza, so I snacked on some of that with a side of Netflix. :)


So there you have it! What you didn't see? The homemade goodies or donuts in the break room at work + the candy I usually always steal from coworkers' offices. I try to keep my actual meals healthy because I cannot resist sugary treats for snacks! Oh, and the glass of red wine I had with dinner. :)


  1. These all look so delicious! I love your mug too, by the way. Really cute :)

  2. Dessert pizza - yum!! Now that is pizza I can get behind!

    1. I know, right? It had been years since I had it...so so good!

  3. Nice looking food:) I like hardboiled eggs, too!

    1. Such an easy, delicious and healthy snack!

  4. Very colorful and healthy! :]


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