this week's groceries ($44 at trader joe's).

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First off...March? I cannot believe how fast the past two months have gone. I am so, so excited for March to be here and am certainly ready for spring weather! Also, I turn 28 (TWENTY EIGHT) in 10 days, so there's that. Ahh!

It's been a while since I've done a groceries recap. Today is a somewhat normal Sunday for me, which I haven't had in a while, so I was up early and the first one at Trader Joe's this morning. I love shopping at TJ's early on Sundays...I'm usually the only one there, so I can take my time ooh-ing and ahh-ing over the new products. :)

Here's what I bought this morning:

Spinach // smoothies
Milk // granola and smoothies
Bell pepper // wheat berry black bean chili
Eggs // soft-boiled snacks
Carrots // snacks

Tortilla chips // to serve w/ chili
Black beans, tomatoes, sweet potato, onion, lime // wheat berry black bean chili
Five seed almond bars // snacks
Coconut oil spray // pantry staple
Bananas // smoothies

Ice cream cones // these are a mini version with only 70 calories!
Veggie broth // wheat berry black bean chili
Blueberries // granola and smoothies
Cheese sticks // snacks
Fruit bars // these are SO good. They are all apple-based, but then I got the coconut, banana and strawberry varieties. 

So that's what $44 will get you at Trader Joe's! Have a lovely Sunday.

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