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Oh, San Francisco. I really do miss that city.

Happy Friday! I can't believe Spring Break is coming to end but goodness, I've enjoyed it! It's been a great mix of both relaxation + productivity. You know what I mean? So good.

Evan and I have a nine mile run planned for tomorrow followed by lunch at Honest Abe's. Ohhhh, it's gonna be good. On Sunday, we plan to pick out paint and carpet for our basement renovation! Details to come. :) Whatever you have planned, I hope you enjoy your weekend!

Raspberry-Ricotta Cake
// bon appetit // I came across this Raspberry-Ricotta Cake via Twitter the other day and became obsessed instantly. I decided I'm making this for Easter with my family, and I cannot wait. Evan loves raspberries, so I'm super excited to make this for him. :)

Clarissa Explains It All --- The Book!
// hello giggles // Clarissa Explains It All, the TV show, debuted 24 years ago. Which, by the way, seems absolutely INSANE. Like, how old am I? Anyway, there's a new young adult novel coming out that features Clarissa as a twenty-something navigating her way through life. I cannot wait for this book! I'll be pre-ordering it, for sure.

Spring Nail Polish Picks
// But first, coffee // Spring is here! I just love this season: pastels, green grass, Easter, The Masters. It's all so good. This is a fun list of nail polish that would be perfect for this most wonderful season. Definitely need all of these colors! Also, Kallie recommends the MegaLast line from Wet N Wild, which is super cheap. I've become quite obsessed with nail polish as of late but have a hard time justifying spending $8-9 on bottles of Essie or OPI (which I know isn't insanely expensive, but's nail polish). I'm happy to know about a cheap option that apparently works really well!


  1. And San Francisco misses you!!

  2. San Francisco misses you!

  3. HA! Did not see Cate's comment before publishing! Great minds think alike :)


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