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Happy Monday! I'm on Spring Break this week, which is definitely one perk of being back in school! However, I have six papers due in the next five weeks, so I'm trying to work ahead. I'd rather devote some time this week to my school work in hopes that I won't be completely stressed out at the end of April. We'll see!

I love reading other bloggers' posts about their current state of watching, reading, eating, drinking, wearing, etc., so I thought I'd join in on the fun.

Here's what I'm doing:

Drinking green smoothies. I've had a green smoothie for lunch almost every weekday during 2015. Baby spinach is my go-to green choice, but I've done kale a few times. My normal mixture: milk or coconut water, Greek yogurt, baby spinach, frozen banana + frozen berries. Sometimes I throw in some ground flaxseed or protein powder if I'm feeling extra healthy.

Running in my new shoes. I bought the Asics GEL-Exalt shoes back in January. My half marathon training started in February, and I've been really good about sticking to my training plan over the past month. Buying new shoes definitely provided great motivation!

Writing grad school papers. I'm up to my eyeballs in case studies and theories, but I cannot complain too much. I enjoy the topics and material and am always excited to learn new things.

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