this week's groceries ($55 at trader joe's).

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I like to go grocery shopping very early in the day. Crowds overwhelm me, especially at Trader Joe's when I just want to leisurely browse around looking at all their goodies. I was at TJ's at 8:00 AM this morning and was the only customer. It was pure bliss.

I felt like I was buying a lot of food and was nervous for the final total. Perhaps that might be because I last went grocery shopping at Whole Foods and spent $68 on just wheat germ, eggs and milk. Kidding but also not kidding.

Anyway, my total at TJ's this morning was $55 -- these groceries should last me until early next week. I should also note that some items will last longer such as the cheese sticks since there are twelve in a bag. Also, I plan to slice then freeze the bananas to use in smoothies which will extend their shelf life.

Here we go!

  • Monterey jack cheese sticks -- snack
  • Milk -- breakfast w/ granola
  • Greek yogurt -- smoothies for lunch
  • Eggs -- hard boiled for a snack

  • Baby carrots -- snack
  • Pineapple -- snack/smoothies
  • Bananas -- smoothies
  • Blackberries -- breakfast w/ granola

  • Onion, sweet potatoes + broccoli -- slow cooker soup for dinner
  • Baby spinach -- smoothies

  • Chips, salsa and popcorn -- snacks

  • Wine -- duh
  • Broth, tomatoes, beans, quinoa + chicken -- slow cooker soup for dinner

Impressive, huh?!


  1. Great deals! I don't know why people think TJ's is so expensive. It CAN be, but if you stick to a list of what you need, it's not too bad. I usually have to go during my lunch hour, so it's crowded, but I still wiggle my way in to browse what's new. :)

  2. LOVE me some TJs. The final total is always less than I expect, and you can't beat that.


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