this week's groceries ($45 at trader joe's).

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Happy Sunday! It's supposed to be in the fifties by afternoon, so I'm planning to go on a three mile run later today. When it's this nice outside in Nebraska in the middle of January, I think it's like a law or something that you must get out and enjoy the weather. :)

I just got back from my weekly shopping trip to Trader Joe's. This week's damage? Only $45! Granted I already have frozen chicken breasts that I'll be using this week + bananas and cheese sticks that I have left over from last week. But yay!

Kale + spinach // smoothies for lunch
Broccoli slaw // for chicken quinoa burrito bowls for dinners

Kiwi // snacks
Limes // for the broccoli slaw dressing
Blueberries // breakfast w/ granola
Tomatoes // for chicken quinoa burrito bowls for dinners
Corn // for chicken quinoa burrito bowls for dinners

Greek yogurt // smoothies for lunch
Milk // breakfast w/ granola + smoothies
Eggs // soft-medium boiled eggs for snacks

Chicken and Brown Rice Sticks // Reyna's FAVORITE dog treats
Ground cumin // broccoli slaw dressing + burrito bowls
Dark Chocolate Almonds // for a nighttime snack w/ a cup of tea
Black beans + salsa // burrito bowls
Wine // obviously
Popcorn // snacks

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