ladies who brunch.

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I woke up this morning and headed to brunch the most fabulous ladies. We had reservations at The Green Gateau (which I'm glad Sarah booked because it was busy!). The sun is shining in Lincoln today and I swear my car flashed 32 degrees! Everyone wanted to enjoy the first somewhat nice day of 2015!

That's my bestie, Sarah. You might recognize her! Sam and Allie also joined the festivities. It was a fun girls' brunch!

Perhaps that Bloody Mary made it extra fun. And don't question yourself...that really is bacon. The most beautiful bacon in all the land.

I had the Quiche du Jour with Blue Cheese Potato salad on the side. I honestly cannot remember what exactly was in the quiche...zucchini + chives sound right. Obviously I wasn't paying too much attention once they served me the Bloody Mary.

I had not been to Green Gateau since college (six years ago!). It was fun to get back to a place I love with old and new friends!


  1. Brunch is always better with good friends!

  2. I never go out to brunch, but my friend invited me & my husband to go next Sunday. I'm so excited! They also have a bloody mary on the menu, which I"m super tempted to get. Your brunch with your bestie looks like a great time.


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