getting back into a routine.

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When I worked 9a-5p I was able to get into a routine. The timing for each day was the same, which obviously helped me to remain consistent. Since I started graduate school in August, my mornings have been...chaotic. While my weekly schedule is the same, my daily schedule changes. Mondays I don't have to be at work until 11a, but on Tuesdays I need to be there by 9a. As someone who thrives on consistency, it's been tough to manage this type of schedule.

Last semester I found myself rushing out the door, sometimes forgoing breakfast. Or other times I would eat it standing at the counter while also getting my lunch/snacks for the day organized. I was never able to truly enjoy my breakfast.

I am trying to be more intentional about how I spend my mornings. It starts with snuggling little Reyna before getting out of bed and continues with a delicious, healthy breakfast. At the table...sitting.

Homemade granola, blueberries, chia seeds + milk. Coffee. Women's multivitamin + vitamin D.

I will be sharing the granola recipe later this week. It includes healthy things like wheat germ, flaxseed meal and oat bran!


  1. I totally hear you on this girly, my work hours are super unpredictable and I never know when I will get home. So my only workout choice is 6 am! Good for you for sorting out your morning plan :)
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    1. I definitely need to start getting my workouts in during the morning. I'm usually so exhausted when I get home at night. Have a great day!


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