friday finds.

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Today has been amazingly relaxing. I slept in until 9a and then made my way to Whole Foods. I normally shop at Trader Joe's (it's closer to our house + cheaper!), but I needed a few items from WF's bulk section. I'm making granola! Recipe coming next week.

I am excited to get back to my Friday Finds posts! I always enjoy this type of post from other bloggers, and I hope you enjoy it too. Have a lovely Friday!

26 Books Better Than 'Gone Girl'
// Daily Worth // I created a reading list for 2014 and need to do the same for the new year. This is a list of books that feature strong, inspiring females. Don't get me wrong, I love light-hearted reads that include basic, predictable characters...but I'm all about variety!

We Tried 3 Ways to Store Salad Greens, and Here's the Winner!
// The Kitchn // I'm trying to eat more greens (specifically, kale and spinach), so I found this helpful. There is nothing worse than wilty, slimy greens. Gives me the shivers just thinking about it. Once again, The Kitchn knows what's up!

37 Clever Ways to Organize Your Entire Life with Ikea
// Buzzfeed // Oh, are my go-to source for EVERYTHING. Now that Ikea opened a store in Kansas City, I can make these a reality! Seriously, #5. Doing that ASAP.


  1. Glad to hear you are enjoying your day off! I am back at work after a mini break and my mind is all over the place! Can't wait to look through that list of books!

    1. Going back to work after a break can be a tough transition! I'll be doing that on Monday. :)


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