where did the semester go?

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It's hard to believe that my last post was this one. Now I'm entering my LAST week of my first semester of graduate school. My previous post still sums up my thoughts. But really, it has been great! I love being back on campus and have enjoyed meeting new people.

Here are a few photos from this fall...

Reyna loves having a house! It was definitely an upgrade from our tiny studio in San Francisco.

My sister and her family moved back to Nebraska this year as well. How amazing is that? Such perfect timing. It's been so wonderful seeing her, my brother-in-law and adorable nephews on a regular basis. Ohhh, and she has an amazing food blog, My Midwest Table. Check it out!

I have no idea how many pages I've read this semester...but it was a lot. Luckily, I enjoy the content!

This guy! He has been so supportive, caring and loving throughout this transition. Blessed beyond words.

My crazy nephews! This was at their birthday party in October. Silly boys.

My parents and I joined my sister and her family for a day at the orchards in Nebraska City. Fall in Nebraska...love! I was so happy to experience my favorite season again!

Reyna was a penguin for Halloween this year. It is obvious that she was thrilled about it!

I am still getting ipsy! I just haven't blogged about it. The above pic was my November glam bag - one of my favorites so far. I hope to get back to blogging about all my ipsy goodies!

A dear friend of mine got married in Kansas City; I loved seeing my Chi Omega sisters at the wedding (especially my best, pictured above)!

Evan and I decorated our Christmas tree last weekend. Reyna loves having it up! Isn't she the cutest?

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  1. I'm a little late commenting on this but I'm sure Reyna is so much happier in a house! My husband and I are trying to move out our condo this year (924 square feet) to a bigger house and we're so excited our dog will have more room to run around!


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