family portraits.

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I had been wanting to get some family photos taken -- especially for this year's Christmas card. Evan's younger sister received a great camera for a graduation gift and is super talented, so we asked if she'd be willing to snap some pics. I am absolutely in love!

Thanks, Kira!


  1. Those are adorable! I asked my mom to use my camera and snap some photos on a recent trip to Tahoe. When I went back home and plugged in my camera 95% of them were blurry -- haha. I guess my mom isn't used to manually focusing a camera anymore. I was able to use one for our Christmas cards but hopefully we have better luck next year! I'm sure your cards came out great with these.

    1. Silly moms! :) So glad at least one turned out!
      Yes, our cards are great! We ordered them from Minted and kept it simple with just one main photo (we used the one where we are sitting and Reyna is looking off to the side).

      P.S. You're making me miss Tahoe and NorCal in general!

  2. Adorable!! Your sister has a good eye ;)


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