surprise lilies.

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I promise to do a big ol' house tour soon and share way too many pictures. I feel like things are coming together, and it's starting to feel like a home!

One of the biggest selling points for us was the backyard for Reyna. It already had a privacy fence installed, which was key since Reyna has been known to jump low fences.

Anyway, look what I just found in our backyard...

Surprise Lilies! Instagram works wonders for solving problems -- thanks to the people who chimed in letting me know about this fun flower!

We got some rain this last week, and the sun finally made an appearance today. The yard is greening up! These flowers were not there when I left for work this morning, and now they're doing their thing. I had no idea flowers could grow so tall in such a short amount of time.

Such a lovely surprise to kick off the week. Have a great night!

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