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Happy Friday! My first day off work yesterday was great. I snuggled with Reyna, read a book (The Husband's Secret -- so good!), had a dentist appointment (no cavities!) and made a delicious dinner last night (stir-fry!). Great indeed!

Anything exciting planned for the weekend? We have a farewell BBQ planned for Saturday night and are thinking about heading up to Yountville for breakfast at Bouchon Bakery followed by a quick stop at the Napa outlets on Sunday. I must enjoy a quiche from Bouchon one last time before moving to Nebraska. Must!

Enjoy your day!

One Pot Meals
// Epicurious // I am such a fan of one pot meals! Like most people, I don't enjoy doing dishes. The simplicity of one pot meals is so appealing! This is a great list of recipes (over 40!) that require just a single pot.

Two-Ingredient Popsicles
// Buzzfeed // Notice a theme? I love simplicity! These popsicles look so refreshing. I bought a set of popsicle molds last summer and am embarrassed to admit that I've only used them once. Changing that stat ASAP. Deciding between Coconut Milk & Honey or Root Beer Float....decisions, decisions.

The Best Coral Lip for Your Skin Tone
// // I've been really into lip color lately and am loving the trend of coral. This is a great guide to finding a coral hue that best fits your skin tone.

The Thirteen Most Epic Adorable Lists That Only a List-Reader Will Understand
// The New Yorker // This had me giggling, as most Shouts & Murmurs do! I love lists -- creating them, reading them, anything to do with them. I love nothing more than a good Buzzfeed list and spend way too much time reading the countless lists that pop up on the internet daily. Too funny!

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  1. Love this series. Keep sharing, I'm always a fan of articles and sites that others find useful!


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