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I am so excited to share my Ipsy June Glam Bag! As I mentioned in May, I recently signed up for Ipsy - one of those monthly subscription beauty boxes. I just received my second Glam Bag and am totally in love. 

Here is the loot!

1. NYX Butter Gloss. Hello, new favorite lip gloss! I have read amazing reviews about this lip gloss and have been wanting to try it. It's only like five bucks but for one reason or another, I just kept glancing it over. Could a super cheap lip gloss really be that amazing? Yes. Yes, it can. It's not sticky at all, and it doesn't clump or form build-up. 

I received the "Apple Strudel" color, and it's a great color for my skintone. The color itself isn't overwhelming - but the gloss effect is just perfect. I already bought another color at Target yesterday:  Vanilla Cream Pie! Apparently, I am a marketer's dream. 

2. Be A...Bombshell Mascara. I tried this yesterday morning and am very impressed. The brush is nice and sturdy. It goes on smoothly with no clumps! Major win in the mascara book. 

3. Jesse's Girl Liquid Eyeliner. Ok, so I have *never* tried liquid eyeliner. I think I've mentioned this before, but I'm definitely a novice when it comes to make-up. Liquid eyeliner is very intimidating to me. Anyway, I tried it yesterday morning and was actually impressed with the results. My application was not perfect (going to take some practice) but it definitely provides a cleaner look than a pencil. 

4. Essence of Beauty Fragrance Mist in "Wind Kissed." I was pleasantly surprised by this scent. I think body sprays/mists can sometimes smell cheap, ya know? (Or perhaps my memories of overly-spraying myself with Bath & Body Works body splash as a pre-teen are just a bit too strong...) Anyway! This has a very fresh, floral scent that actually smells quite sophisticated. Great for summer. 

5. Marc Anthony Dream Waves Beach Spray. I cannot wait to try this! My hair is actually naturally wavy. More along the lines of a hot mess rat's nest, but I'm trying to embrace my natural hair style. I really like the DevaCurl brand but am excited to try this spray -- especially for the effortless summer wave look.

May Glam Bag Update

Totally sold on the Balanced Guru No Frizz Hair Oil that was in my May Glam Bag. I've been using it regularly (about 2x/week) for the past month, and it is working wonders...wonders I tell ya! Helps fight frizz and smooths/shines my hair. I've been using it when I blow dry/flat iron my hair to keep it all nice and smooth. 

Psst -- there is an affiliate link above, so I will get Ipsy points if you sign up via my link. :)


  1. I just signed up! I love trying new beauty products, but what I love more are fun little bags to help organize my disaster of a purse :)

    I need a beach spray! My hair is naturally wavy and flat ironing is so much work. Interested in hearing how you like it.

    1. Yay! So glad you signed up - I think you'll like it. And yes, the bags are so great!

      Will definitely keep you posted re: the beach wave spray!

  2. I signed up too! Will share on FB after work so I can get off the wait list! Couldn't pass it up for $10!

    1. Woohoo! I hope you enjoy it as much as I do!

  3. I am going to have to consider signing up! What a great bag!


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