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What a week! In the past eight days, I had three major work events. We hosted our annual award ceremony for our new scholars last Thursday and then hosted two orientations for both community college students and 4-year students this week. It's a bit weird that I'm done with work events now at my current job. My last day will be July 9, and then I start my graduate program and assistantship on August 1. Ahh! This is getting real.

Anyway, I hope you have a lovely weekend! Mine will include wine, grilling out, friends, reading and some French Open tennis. :)

Random Finds from Across the Web

- Your LL Bean Boyfriend
My sister-in-law, Kira, first introduced me to this tumblr last year, and it gets me every.single.time. Evan is definitely my LL Bean Boyfriend (err...husband). Seriously, every single post reminds me of something Evan would totally say (and for many, has totally said). It's so amazing.

- 22 Signs You Suffer from Cute Aggression
// Buzzfeed // OK, I definitely have cute aggression. Sometimes (read: always) Reyna is just so darn cute that I have every urge to squeeze her. Ya know? Like, I cannot even handle her cuteness.

- The 'Busy' Trap
// The New York Times // This opinion piece is almost two years old, and yet I find myself still referring to it often. We spent almost two years living in Silicon Valley, and the past two years living in the heart of San Francisco. Since Evan works for a start-up/incubator and has his own side projects, we've very much been exposed to the workaholic culture. Coming from the Midwest where values and priorities are different, it's been an interesting experience. I think this idea of being "busy" has trickled into other areas of our lives (our as in general; not specifically me and Evan) - not just work. Anyway, I could go on and on about the act of being "busy" -- but I'll save that for another day. I will say this:  I enjoy not being busy. :)


  1. I hear you on the being busy thing, especially since I'm from the Midwest too, and I think you're right- priorities really are different in different places!

    1. Different indeed! I'm excited to get back to the Midwest later this summer!

  2. I love the quote, "Stop the glorification of busy". I think Silicon Valley and SF need THAT on their billboards :)

    I often point fingers at this area for making my life seem so crazy and hectic, but I've come to realize that a lot of my "busy" is self-imposed. I've started saying no to things that I don't have time for and don't want to do and yes to things that I consider to be a bit more relaxing. I love embracing my inner homebody-ness!

    1. Yes! So glad you can recognize that there isn't an absolute need to be busy. I enjoy a slower, more relaxed pace of life! :)


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