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I am a big fan of simple dinners during the week. While I enjoy cooking and being in the kitchen, I am usually pretty exhausted once I get home from work. My schedule will soon change, as I start my graduate school program August 1. Balancing classes and my on-campus assistantship will be challenging, so I'm starting to create a list of easy-to-make and healthy (but still delicious!) meals. 

On that list? Couscous bowls! 

Couscous cooks up in no time, making this an ideal staple for simple dinners. I normally buy couscous in bulk (whole wheat version) but I do love the Near East boxed versions if I want to try a fun, new flavor. I bought the plain boxed version this time around because I'm starting to deplete my bulk items so as not to move too many food items to Nebraska (it's just easier that way!). 

I can hardly call this a recipe -- but hopefully it will provide inspiration to you. Really, the add-ins can be changed to whatever you'd like. For this version, I just roasted a sweet potato and mini sweet peppers. Zucchini, corn, black olives and broccoli are great options as well. For extra protein, you can even add a fried egg (amazing!) or shredded cheese to the top. Or both!

This is also a great meal to make ahead of time and then package into single-serving bowls/Tupperware to be enjoyed for lunches throughout the week. Quick and delicious! 

Couscous Bowls
- cooked couscous
- chickpeas
- veggies
- flavorings:  balsamic, red wine vinegar, EVOO, Italian herb mix, fresh lemon juice, etc. 


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  1. Bowl meals are the best. Love that it's easy prep, and you have something to eat the whole week!


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