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Have you heard about the "One Line a Day" books? I've seen them mentioned a few times in the blog world but didn't know too much about them. My friend, Molly, convinced me to get one, so that I did!

Evan and I are coming up on our five year anniversary (FIVE years!) in June. This next year of marriage is going to be quite exciting...between me going to graduate school, making the move back to our home state of Nebraska and other SUPER exciting things that I can't yet share but promise to soon...I think it might be our best year yet. :)

So anyway, we started writing in our memory book on Monday and are already having so much fun with it! It collects five years worth of memories but isn't intimidating in the fact that you only have to write a sentence or two for each day. Super manageable! 

There are different versions too (for moms, cooks, gardeners, etc.) -- so fun! 

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  1. I am so excited for all these happy changes you are making! And I must admit, a tad bit jealous of the thought of backyard BBQs and fall football that FEELS LIKE fall football ;)

    We must stay in touch, of course!


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