friday finds.

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This dog is just too much sometimes. And I love her.
Do you have anything exciting planned for the holiday weekend? We are heading to Truckee/Tahoe and meeting friends there. Should be fun! Have a lovely weekend!

Random Finds from Across the Web

- Why I Stopped Drinking Almond Milk & Went Back to Regular Milk Instead 
// The Kitchn // There was a point in my life when I drank soy creamer in my coffee and used almond milk in my smoothies. About 2-3 years ago I cut out "milk alternatives" (I drink my coffee black now) and solely buy cow's milk. 2% if you're wondering! For me, it just seems more simple/natural.

- Three Simple Ways to Clean Your Garbage Disposal 
// The Prairie Homestead // I dropped some lemon peels down the sink earlier this week and voila! Super fresh garbage disposal. 

- Easy Slow Cooker Pulled Pork 
// Chow // I made this on Monday, and we've been enjoying leftovers all week. I pair it with a different vegetable and grain side dish each night to mix it up. So, so, so good.

- How We Love 
// TED Radio Hour on NPR // I listened to the podcast last weekend when I was running on the dreaded treadmill (ugghh!!). It made the time pass quickly though! Super interesting views on love (how we love, why we are attracted to certain people, etc.). The host kind of annoyed me, but the guests were so great!

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