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Last weekend Evan and I finally had breakfast at Plow. We had heard amazing (like, truly amazing!) things about Plow, so we knew it was going to be good. That said, I was still not fully prepared for how delicious it actually was. Here's a big statement, but I really think Plow might just serve the best breakfast in San Francisco.

People give the lemon ricotta pancakes rave reviews on Yelp, so I knew I just had to try them. I'm such a huge fan of savory breakfasts though, so when I saw "the plow" on the menu it was decided:  two eggs, two lemon ricotta pancakes, crispy potatoes and choice of house made pork sausage, bacon or chicken sausage. I chose bacon obviously! Evan also ordered "the plow" and had the house made pork sausage.

Ok, my words will never, ever be able to fully describe how freakin' amazing the food tasted. The potatoes were SO crispy, yet melted in your mouth. The lemon ricotta pancakes had such great texture -- the lemon flavor was just perfect. They also served real maple syrup, which is pretty much one of life's greatest indulgences. 

After each bite, Evan and I just kept commenting on the food. We were in total disbelief of the deliciousness. I kept asking, "Is this real life?"  

We loved it so much that we're going back next weekend. :)

Psst -- Plow does not take reservations, and the wait can be up to two hours on the weekends. It opens at 8am on the weekends, and we got there around 7:40am. We were the third couple in line, so we were able to grab a table once it opened. By 7:45-7:50am, the line was LONG. That many people showed up in a short amount of time, so if you're able to...try to get there by 7:30-7:40am if you don't want to wait long. 


  1. Umm. I'm not sure how I will drag myself out of bed at the crack of dawn on a Sunday to make it up the the city, but regardless, I'm adding this to my "While We Live in the Bay Area Bucket List".

    America's Test Kitchen has a ridiculously good lemon ricotta pancake recipe if you cannot make it here every weekend!

  2. Gah! I want those pancakes. And those potatoes. Really, I want it all. :)


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