coffee at stanza.

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Evan and I woke up early this morning and kicked off the day with a walk to the Mission. There's a cute coffee shop called Stanza, which I've recently become obsessed with since I work in the Mission. I've been wanting to take Evan there (you know he's a coffee lover!), so we made it happen this morning. 

We both had pour over coffee -- a Kenyan blend for him, Honduras for her. So much flavor! 

Evan picked out some breakfast goodies too while I waited outside with Reyna. As you can see, she was very concerned that he left us!

He chose a blueberry white chocolate muffin and a raspberry jelly-filled donut. 

Oh my! Both were so very perfect.

What a wonderful way to start our Saturday. Hope your day is just as delicious. :)



  1. I love trying new coffee shops. So fun! Tell Evan good choice on the doughnut...although, that muffin sounds insanely delicious, too!

  2. I try to stop by the Mission when I'm in SF. Would love to try this place next time.

    What a great find this blog is :)


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