menu: january 6 - 10

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Happy Menu Plan Monday! I'm going to start linking to a weekly link-up hosted on every Monday. Yay for new things! 

I've shared before that I absolutely love planning menus for the week. I find that it saves us money and helps us eat healthy.

November and December are always such busy months; it's hard to stick to a normal schedule. I'm happy to get back into this great routine of planning meals ahead of time.

Evan has a big conference for work this week, so I'm relying on easy recipes that make enough for leftovers. I've actually made the crustless quiche before - can't wait to have it again!

Menu:  January 6 - 10

Monday:  Crustless Quiche + side salads
Tuesday:  Leftover Quiche + Sauteed Carrots
Wednesday:  Chunky Lentil and Vegetable Soup
Thursday:  Leftover Soup
Friday:  Whole Foods frozen pizza + side salads


  1. I'm just getting back into meal planning. I'd love for you to stop by :


  2. We're in the same boat! I'll be sure to check out your menu for the week; so happy to join the Menu Plan Monday link-up.


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