homemade pasta night!

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A dear couple friend of ours invited us over for homemade pasta night on Saturday. They had all the equipment for homemade pasta and wanted to break it in. We were thrilled to help them do so!

I had never made fresh pasta before, so I was surprised at how simple it was. The ingredients? Just flour and eggs (and a teensy bit of water if needed). 

We made two kinds of pasta: a beef/ricotta ravioli (with plain pasta dough) and an herb fettuccine (with fresh thyme, rosemary and sage). Both were so, so delicious!

It took a few rounds to perfect the ravioli, but we were finally successful. We had such a great time drinking wine, cranking out the pasta and enjoying the night with two very dear friends. 

Have you ever made fresh pasta?!


  1. Homemade pasta night sounds like THE perfect night! Fun and delicious!

  2. This sounds like such a fun night!

  3. Wow. That looks gorgeous! What a fun night!


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