the butler & the chef.

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Evan and I finally went to The Butler & The Chef for breakfast. It's been on our list of restaurants to try (top of the list, actually, since it's in our neighborhood!) for what seems like forever. 

They don't take reservations, but we went around 10:15a on Sunday -- they opened at 10:00a -- and got a table immediately.

We both started with coffee and shared a tartine, served with butter and raspberry jam. By far some of the best bread I've ever had!

We both ordered the same thing: Eggs Benedict with Niman Ranch Ham served with a side spinach salad. 

Ohhh, everything about the Eggs Benedict was amazing! The hollandaise had a great tang to it, the eggs were beautifully poached, the ham was salty to perfection, and the olive bread it was all served on was unbelievably fresh. I could eat this for breakfast (or lunch or dinner!) every day and never get sick of it. 

Everything about The Butler & The Chef was wonderful. The waiters were so nice, the service was quick, and the atmosphere was great (unpretentious and very welcoming). They also served two little truffles when they brought us our bill. Breakfast should always end with rich chocolate!

If you ever visit San Francisco, please do yourself a favor and enjoy breakfast at The Butler & The Chef.

I have no connection to The Butler & The Chef other than eating there this past weekend. 
I just truly enjoyed my experience and wanted to share it with you!

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  1. I am dying over the raspberry jam (and the bread, and the eggs...)!


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