holiday baking.

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Holiday baking begins...NOW!

One of my favorite things about the month of December is all of the cookies and sweet treats that are readily available anywhere you go. 

Holiday baking used to be a production growing up...weekends dedicated to the kitchen. I have fond memories of my mother making sugar cut-outs, which my sister and I would decorate. One year, I decided to pour a whole bottle of silver dragees (you know, those rock-solid silver balls...) on one of the cookies. YIKES.

Peanut clusters, peanut butter Ritz crackers dipped in chocolate, and Christmas Bark (<-- that is one of my first blog posts way back in 2009!) were regulars along with the sugar cookies. 

Those are still favorites of mine today, but I'm also creating new traditions with Evan. I made Soft Ginger Cookies last year per his request, and I plan to make them annually! 

This year I also want to try making biscotti as I've never made it before. I'm thinking either a Chocolate Pistachio version or a Cranberry White Chocolate. I shall keep you posted.



  1. Weird. Biscotti is on my list, too! :) Oh, yes, you with those silver dragees. They were your favorite!

    1. Nice! Can't wait to see what kind of biscotti you make -- perhaps for Christmas in SoDak? :)

  2. I LOVE holiday baking! I make coconut macaroons with chocolate chips....too die for! Is that tree pic from the St. Francis hotel in SF? My mom & I stop there every year to get a picture with their trees!

    1. YES it is! Such a pretty lobby! I love coconut macaroons -- the choco chips sound like a great addition. :)


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