Christmas Wish List.

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Evan and I leave for Nebraska tomorrow. Words cannot truly describe how happy my heart is -- I miss my family so much.

Here's what I plan to do over the next week:

- Take an insane number of photos. I need/want more pictures of my family. Ever since my grandparents passed away in November, I've realized how much I'm slacking on family photos.

- Play games. Wii, Cards Against Humanity, Sequence (Evan and I love playing against my mom & dad!), Smart Ass (so fun!), you name it.

- Watch holiday movies. There's just something about watching holiday movies while you're surrounded by family. Can't be beat!

- Bake with my sister. My sister and I both love being in the kitchen; it's a shame we don't live in the same state! I hope we can bake some goodies together!

- Eat an ungodly amount of pistachios. Evan's mom usually buys a huge bag of pistachios to snack on during the holidays. Fingers crossed that tradition continues! 

- Cuddle with my nieces and nephews. YOU GUYS. I love those amazing and hilarious children -- gotta get my cuddling fix!

- Drink seasonal brews and festive wines. Drinking with family is the best!

- FaceTime with Reyna. Ugghhh, I'm going to miss her so much. Luckily, she's staying with a dear friend and will have a great backyard to enjoy! I'm hoping for daily picture texts and some FaceTiming while we're gone. :)

- Be thankful. Be grateful. Enjoy every minute. The time back in Nebraska over the holidays always goes by so quickly. I just want to be sure that I'm living in the moment and cherishing the time with my family. I am so much that I begin to cry when I think about it. 

I hope you have a beautiful Christmas filled with loved ones and laughter! 

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