a december sunday.

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It's been a great Sunday here in San Francisco. Cold temperatures blasted NorCal last week -- though I suppose the definition of "cold" depends on where you live! It dipped down into the 30s, which is cold for the city. It hit the single digits back in the Midwest, so I can't complain too much! Let me tell you though, having been away from super cold temperatures for about three years now has made me weak. I'm getting nervous for our trip back to Nebraska in a couple weeks -- brr!

I started addressing Christmas cards this afternoon. We have ZERO photos of the three of us (including Reyna!), so we're doing non-photo cards this year. Super bummed about it, but I still like the design of the cards! Someone please remind me to take more pictures in 2014, OK?

Reyna's been soaking up the sun all day trying to stay warm. What a sweet girl! And yes, we totally let her up on our bed. She loves sitting on Evan's pillow. :)

Tonight's festivities include drinking classic hot chocolate and marshmallows, baking Soft Ginger Cookies and watching a cheesy Christmas movie. It's going to be perfect.



  1. That silly Reyna! Oh, have you ever tried replacing the water in hot chocolate WITH coffee? I am wondering why I didn't think to do it sooner! :)

  2. A cup of hot chocolate sounds perfect right about now! Happy holidays :)


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