studio mini bar.

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We live in cozy studio apartment in downtown San Francisco. I like to use the term "cozy" in place of small because, well, it just makes me feel better.

Honestly though, I really love our apartment! I feel like we've done a great job at decorating it to fit our personalities. Living in such a small space has really made us prioritize our necessities when it comes to material things. Getting rid of clutter/junk is very liberating!

There's a small area in between our TV stand and walkway into the kitchen that has been empty since we moved in back in June 2012. Part of the wall is pushed back about six inches, making it hard to find a table, shelf, stand, etc. that would actually fit and not be obtrusive. 

We thought the space would be perfect for a mini bar, if only we could find a very thin shelving unit. 

The Container Store saved the day! They had specific mini bars, but the thinnest one was still 14 inches deep. It would have completely blocked our walkway!

We came across a VHS/DVD rack -- it was the perfect size. The shelves actually fold up, so you could fit bottles of alcohol, glasses, etc. We loved that it was iron (we thought it'd be great with our fun, industrial-looking bookshelves!). Plus, the iron rods make it very open, instead of something made out of wood that might appear bulky.

We wanted to add something to the top shelf though, so it had a more "complete" look. We re-purposed a glass wall shelf (didn't use the clips) which fit perfectly on the  top shelf of the rack. We used rubber stops to prevent the glass from sliding or scratching.

We love it! The total price came in under $100 thanks to the shelving sale The Container Store was having back in September. 

And yes, that is a penguin cocktail shaker! It's from Sur La Table, in case you'd like to get one for yourself!


  1. That's so clever! The perfect use of a bit of space!

  2. What is this VHS that you speak of? Can I get one anywhere? Haha! Love that you could use that space; it looks great!

  3. Super cute! I love the addition to your cozy home!


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