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Hey, friends! 

Life has been go-go-go these past few weeks, and I'm hardly finding the time to devote to this little ol' blog. It can be difficult to find the motivation to open my laptop at night after I've been staring at a computer for most of the day. But alas, here I am!

Have you guys heard of Mix My Own? You can make your own muesli mix or buy popular pre-mixes. Klara reached out a few weeks ago and asked if I wanted to try their muesli, and I'm always excited to try new food (I received a bag of muesli for free -- all of my opinions are my own, as always). 

I browsed the website oooh-ing and aaah-ing over the choices. There are five steps to creating your own mix:

Base Ingredients

Here's what I chose:

Crunchy Whole Grain Coconut Granola
Organic Millet Puffs
Organic Ancient Grains
Goji Berries
Organic Golden Berries
Organic Cacao Nibs

You guys! This was so delicious! It's been pretty warm here in San Francisco (September/October are our summer months), so a bowl of muesli with cold milk is super refreshing. There were a variety of textures in my mix -- loved that. 

You get to name your mix too, and it's printed on the back of the bag. These would make fun gifts to give to friends -- especially the foodies in your life. 

Many thanks to Klara for this deliciousness! 

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  1. Great review. Your combination sounds great. I love the added Goji Berries.

    Have a fantastic day, Courtney!


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