Fall Favorites.

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Fall is in full-swing, and I'm absolutely loving it. Summer lasted about two weeks here in San Francisco, and we're definitely experiencing cool weather now. It's setting the mood for a great autumn season!

Here's what I'm currently enjoying!

Pumpkin Scones

This recipe for Pumpkin Scones is a favorite of ours. Evan made them a few weeks ago for a lazy weekend breakfast, and they're just perfect.

Pumpkin Brulee Candle

I've been lighting this candle almost every night, and it's ahhhhmazing. Our apartment smells fantastic! Can't even handle it. 

Breakfast Casserole

There's just something about a hearty casserole filled with sausage, cheese and eggs that just screams fall. This recipe is so easy and absolutely comforting.

Gnocchi-Sausage Soup

Gnocchi is the ultimate comfort food for me. Those soft, pillowy balls of dough are almost too much. Paired with spicy andouille sausage, tomatoes and vegetable broth -- this is one of my absolute favorite soups

Honey Cinnamon Butter

I do believe Honey Cinnamon Butter needs no explanation. Slather it on the previously mentioned pumpkin scones, and you'll thank me. 

Apple Cider

What's fall without hot apple cider?! Evan and I like to heat up the cider from Trader Joe's and throw in some cinnamon sticks and sliced oranges for extra flavor. Try it!


  1. SCONES! I have yet to try making any. Clearly this needs to change, and why not be festive about it, right?!

    1. Oh, you need to make scones! They're actually pretty easy to make.

  2. those scones look great! & i love burning pumpkin candles, too.


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