thursday thoughts.

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1.  College football started last week, and I am in heaven. There is nothing I love more than cheering on the Huskers and Stanford while drinking a red beer and snacking on cheesy hot dips. I was made for football season. 

2.  So I'm about a year and a half late to the party, but I am loving Scandal. Evan and I started watching the first season on Netflix a few weeks ago, and now we're half-way through the second season. I'm officially obsessed.

3.  Why can't all weekends be three-day weekends? Whoever decided the 5-day work week/2-day weekend needs to be shunned forever. Seriously, having an extra day off last weekend was so glorious! Sigh.

4.  It's weird living in San Francisco during the fall season. All things autumn are taking over the nation, and yet our summer is just starting. It's confusing. And sad because I HEART FALL. Apple cider, pumpkin donuts, crunchy leaves, scarves, leather boots, gahhh! But I do appreciate the warm weather and the sunshine. See? It's confusing.

5.  Evan and I are going to see The Lumineers in three weeks, and I cannot wait. It was almost exactly a year ago when I professed my love for them

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