Meet Our Little Girl!

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First off...Happy Birthday to my wonderful mother! Wishing you lots of love on your special day. :)

Well, it really wasn't my intention to take a month-long break from blogging. Life has been so darn crazy -- good things though! Busy at work, weekends filled with friends, and....a new addition to our family!

Meet Reyna! She's a two-year-old Rhodesian Ridgeback-Beagle mix, and we adopted her from a rescue organization on Easter weekend. 

The poor girl was found wandering around her town by animal control. Her owners were contacted and said they didn't want her anymore. She was at the pound for one week before it was time for her to be euthanized (unbelievably sad), but the rescue organization came in and placed her in a foster home. It truly breaks my heart to think of everything she's been through. I suppose it happened for a reason because now she is in a loving, nurturing home! 

I can't imagine not having her. Even though she's only been with us for a few weeks, she is such a huge part of our lives now. She's the best little cuddler and has such a sweet personality. 

We're calling her our "forever puppy" because she really does look like a puppy! You wouldn't believe how many comments we get about our "puppy" and questions asking about how old she is. Whenever we tell people she's two, they just can't believe she's fully grown. 

So there you have it! Reyna is consuming our lives, and we absolutely love it. I hope to get back to regular blogging soon, once I nail down a normal routine of living with a dog!


  1. What a sweet rescue story! What a lucky pup!

  2. LOVE my niece! She just makes me laugh. :) And it so hard to believe that someone didn't want to look at her face anymore. It's just too precious.

  3. Congrats - she is so so cute! And what an amazing (yet sad) story. It's tough to think that there are thousands of other stories like that out there, too. Luckily, great people like you swoop in and save the day. :)

  4. Sweet girl! She's gorgeous and I'm so glad to hear that she now has a loving forever home.

    My dog Millie actually has a very similar story in that she was found wondering around with her tags still on and her owners were contacted. They said the same thing, she wasn't wanted anymore :( Luckily she was placed into foster care for a while before I rescued her. She's been mine for the past 9 years.

  5. She totally reminds me of my pup.. and I still think a Rhodesian Ridgeback is a dragon from Harry Potter. Love these pics of your expanding family!


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