what we're eating this week (march 4-8)

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Happy Sunday! Hope you've been having a great weekend.

We had so much fun last night with our friends, Drea and Cory. We snacked on some delicious food and drank some wonderful wine. 

I roasted garlic yesterday (best smell ever!) because I made this last night: Brussels Sprouts Crostini. You guys! Try it immediately.

I also made this Caramelized Onion Dip from Food & Wine. Again, simply amazing! I don't think I've ever made a recipe from Food & Wine that wasn't absolutely delicious.

I sipped on one of my absolute favorite Chardonnays: 2008 Musque Clone from Buena Vista. So buttery and smooth!

It was such a fun night!

We met another couple, Cara and Joe, for brunch this morning. We planned on eating at Plow, but it was a two hour wait! We were all very ravenous, so we decided to go somewhere else to avoid waiting so long. We found Aperto just a few blocks from Plow and had breakfast there. They served pineapple coconut muffins before our main entrees, and the muffins were so amazing! Another great time with good friends.
I just finished meal planning for this week and thought I'd share the line-up. I meal plan every week, so I'm thinking about blogging our meals every Sunday -- maybe to provide a little inspiration! 

FYI:  I try to plan three meals a week and make enough servings that we can enjoy leftovers 1-2 times a week. Cook once, eat twice is the way to go!

Monday:  Balsamic Pork Chops, baked sweet potatoes + salad
Tuesday:  Mushroom-Herb Spaghetti + salad
Wednesday:  Three-Bean Vegetarian Chili
Thursday:  Leftovers
Friday:  Leftovers (or frozen pizza, eggs, something simple, etc.) 


  1. That mushroom-herb spaghetti recipe sounds so simple and a great meal for a no-meat dinner.

    I've only roasted garlic a couple times, but it's one of those things I should do more often - kind of like caramelizing onions. So good!

    1. I roasted garlic and caramelized onions at the same time on Saturday...it smelled so divine in our apartment! :)

  2. Meal planning is so great for saving some $$ and eating healthy, definitely something I try to do each week too but like you with a little flexibility for leftovers/etc!

    1. Totally agree -- we definitely save a lot of money by planning our meals in advance (and save a lot of time, since we only go to the grocery store once a week!).

  3. Drool you had me at roasted garlic and I need some of that caramelized onion dip in my life now!!!


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