what we're eating this week (march 18 - 22)

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I made granola this weekend!
Recipe will be posted Monday morning!

How was your weekend? Ours was so darn relaxing. We've had some very busy weekends since January, so we loved having nothing on our schedule. We walked around the city (it was beautiful this weekend!), read some books out on the rooftop, played backgammon, drank some wine, watched "Friends with Kids" (such a good movie!) and even managed to clean the apartment. It was glorious!

Here's what we have planned for meals this week. Feel free to share your menu in the comments!

March 18 - 22

Monday:  Chicken & Asparagus in White Wine Sauce
Tuesday:  Sweet Potato Pizza with Onion & Rosemary
Wednesday:  Ricotta-Spinach Pasta
Thursday:  Pizza & Pasta Leftovers
Friday:  Take-out, eggs & toast, or something simple (read: wing it!)

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  1. That ricotta spinach pasta sounds amazing! I would love to try making a vegan version using tofu ricotta "cheese!"


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