Treat Yo Self.

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On the last day of my previous job, I decided to treat myself.

Psst - check out this "Treat Yo Self" clip from Parks & Rec (it's my favorite TV show, ever!). 

Something indulgent was speaking to me, so I stopped at See's Candies on my way home. Oh, friends. Chocolate. 

Good chocolate!

Truly, I wanted to get every flavor available, but I decided on five. Keep in mind I bought two of each flavor, so I could fully enjoy each piece without having to share with Evan. 

Harsh? Well, there's no way I split chocolate. Please!

The line-up!

Dark Bourdeaux (creamy brown sugar covered in dark chocolate)
Raspberry Cream
Peanut Butter Patties
Dark Cocoanut

Don't ask me to pick a favorite! They were all so darn delicious. The bordeaux was really, really good -- and something different!

See's also gives out a free sample when you're waiting in line. The flavor they were giving out when I stopped in was butterscotch. Ooohhh, was it amazing!

I walked by See's today on my way home after work, and apparently there's some lovey dovey holiday tomorrow, so everyone was in line. Every single San Franciscan. Dang.

Oh, and Happy (early) Valentine's Day! :)


  1. Oh, I miss See's candy! Haven't had it in ages and the butterscotch sounds amazing.

  2. Treat you self 2013! It's the best day of the year~


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