thursday thoughts.

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Here are a few of my random thoughts. Just for you!

1. Sometimes living so far away from family is tough. All I can say is this: Praise the Lord for Skype. (Those are my cute nephews!)

2. Oh, is this Chocolate Peanut Butter Kettlecorn worth it? You betcha it is.

3. Evan and I have been skipping our morning workouts and sleeping in until 7am during the week. It has been glorious! For real.

4. I absolutely, positively love my new job. I work for a scholarship program that focuses on students of color and those in serious financial need situations. It is so, so, so rewarding. 

5. We recently purchased some new art for above our bed. I love it!

6. We're having friends over on Saturday night (they just got engaged, and I am so darn happy for them!). On Sunday, we're meeting another couple for brunch (they're expecting a baby!). It's going to be a great weekend!

7. One more thing. Can someone please tell me when I last posted a recipe? I have absolutely no idea. Oops.


  1. So happy your loving your job!

    What a coincidence that I'm going to Whole Foods today! Kettle corn here I come :)

    1. Hope you picked up some of that kettlecorn! ;)


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