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Hello! Evan and I both had today off from work, so we enjoyed the long weekend! It's been a great few days filled with dear friends, good food and delicious drinks.

One of my absolute dearest friends, Melissa, and her husband, Kyle, came to visit us on Saturday. Melissa and I are sorority sisters (Chi Omega at the University of Nebraska-Lincoln), and we were bridesmaids in each others' weddings. They just moved to California, so we're happy to have fabulous friends nearby! 

It was gorgeous in San Francisco on Saturday. We walked to the farmers market at the Ferry Building and then enjoyed chicken + waffles at Farmerbrown's Little Skillet. Because the weather was perfect, we just had to enjoy drinks on a patio...we ended up at B Restaurant & Bar 

This sparkling white wine sangria was so refreshing!

We then headed to Jamber Wine Pub for...more drinking! We all enjoyed different flights (wine flights for the ladies; beer flights for the boys).

It was so good to spend time with close friends. We're heading on a little ski trip with them next weekend and can't wait!


  1. Oh my gosh, that sangria looks phenomenal!! And wine flights?! Sounds like a great, relaxing weekend.

  2. So glad you guys had a fun weekend, wish I was there to enjoy all of the drinks and conversation! :) #lovemyfriends

  3. Ha love the title of this post! That sangria looks delicious too.

  4. Ok I'm bookmarking all of these spots on Yelp for an upcoming SF trip. Chicken and waffles, sparkling white wine sangria, and beer flights? Those places all sound so fun! I love it when college friends move closer!


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