thursday thoughts.

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1. Big news on the family front: my lovely sister, Ashley, started a food blog! Ashley is unbelievably amazing in the kitchen and super creative in every aspect of her life. I've always wanted her to blog about her fabulous creations, and she's finally doing it. Please give her a warm welcome to the blog world -- With Love From South Dakota.

2. I've been chugging hot tea at work like it's my job. I work in an extremely old building in downtown San Francisco, and the heating system is a bit wonkers. But the tea is (somewhat) keeping me warm!

3. You guys. I'm totally obsessed with the auther, Sarah Jio. I read Blackberry Winter a few months ago and literally couldn't put it down. I got her other two books for Christmas from my in-laws. I already finished The Bungalow and just started The Violets of March, which I'm already loving. SO good. I highly recommend these books! Jio connects current day stories to those in the past, and how everything is connected is quite unbelievable. Read them now!

4. I went into Neiman Marcus on my lunch break the other day and felt completely, totally out of place. I fell in love with a very simple shirt (like I probably could have made it myself, and I don't sew) and then saw the price tag: $314.00. Really? I proceeded to run down the escalator and out the building. Who has the money for that?! Geesh.

5. I'm still eating avocado toast for breakfast And I'm still very happy about this fact.


  1. 1. Thank you for the author recommendation. I need to either make a mental note of her name or bookmark this page. Every time I finish a book on my Kindle, I scramble to find a new book.

    2. I got a bridal shower gift from Neiman and having never stepped foot in that store before, I definitely felt out of place as well. I wanted to exchange the gift (umm, this girl does NOT wear lingerie) for some comfy pjs. When I brought the new item to the counter, the snobby saleslady took one look at me and asked if I could afford it. Neiman, it's not like I would buy anything from you in the first place, but you'll never get my business :)


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