brunch at chloe's cafe.

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Evan and I enjoyed an absolutely delicious breakfast at Chloe's Cafe on Saturday.

Brunch attire!

Chloe's Cafe is located at 26th & Church in Noe Valley right here in San Francisco. Side note: I'm in love with this neighborhood! 

Great coffee!

I had a hard time deciding between sweet and savory.

Sweet = cinnamon croissant french toast (!!!)
Savory = avocado & Jarlsberg scrambled eggs

I ended up going with savory -- I have hard time passing up anything with avocado!

Potatoes were served with the eggs, as well as rosemary white toast with homemade raspberry jam. Everything was so good. Nothing fancy, but man, everything was done so, so well. One of the best breakfasts I've had (if not the best!) in San Francisco.

Locals, Chloe's Cafe doesn't accept credit cards, so be prepared (there is an ATM across the street just in case!). 

Sweet or savory when it comes to breakfast?!


  1. love the outfit... and you breakfast plate looks mighty yummy!!

  2. I'm not a city-girl by any means, but I do love Noe Valley, so thank you for the recommendation!

    Also, cute outfit! It looks perfect for this crazy cold weather we've been having!

  3. Yum! I will need to add this to my long "Places to try in the City."

  4. I am always tempted by sweet brunch items too but more often than not end up ordering eggs. These sound great! Brunch is probably my favorite meal :)

  5. Yum!! If money grew on trees I'd hop a plane for that breakfast. I agree, sweet vs. savory is always such a tough decision when it comes to brunches, but it looks like you made a good decision. Rosemary toast sounds tasty!

  6. Those eggs look divine. Please tell me you were a member of the "Clean Plate Club"...

  7. GAH! I'm just jealous that you can see your toes. LOL. I love your boot outfits, and I'm just jelly that my pregnant self can't do it!

  8. great outfit!

    and brunch is my favorite...I always go for savory too. Like you, I cannot resist avocado! Looks and sounds divine :)

  9. I'm all about savory breakfasts, so I would have chosen this option too! Cute boots =)


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